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There is something I always fought for, since an early age… to be free. The majority of people chase money, luxury, fast cars, success and all kinds of ego fuelling material that in reality has no value but only a temporary state that will wear off eventually. I chased freedom, each project I do, funds my freedom and each €1 I have gives me €1 worth of time doing what I love and when I want.

The biggest success one can have is to be a free person. Free from your ‘boss’, free from the rat race, free from materialistic objects that make you their slave. When I became a graphic designer, I never looked at money but always perfected my skill set until I became good enough that money chased me instead of me looking for projects. You wonder and say “I wish to work from home” or travel the world while working in your own time. It’s the result of hard work and persistence, it wasn’t easy but I can give you some tips to help you get going. …


Mark Julian Borg

Writing about life, travel, freedom and spirituality.

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